Come Onboard!

Marketing, many say is old. There is nothing new left for discovery. But the beauty of marketing is that every time you set your eye on this phenomena something new gets revealed. Not to many but to a few. It all depends upon the capability to discover. The journey to customer mind has become a voyage to customer heart. The place has given way to space. Advertising monologue is nothing more than bombardment to new dialogue centric customer. Customer is not somebody who is a passive subject of marketing mix. The new customer is a collaborator. The competitors and non competitors defy neat classification. On the whole things are fluid.  These are exciting times for marketing professionals. Nothing more could be more conducive for experimentation and breaking the mold.

Come join me on this journey to interpret and reinterpret marketing as it is practiced today by companies and how new theoretical developments are shaping the marketing thinking.


3 thoughts on “Come Onboard!

  1. Wonderful thought sir. Marketing is truly a plethora of new innovations and discoveries every dawn. Had it not been so, the age old companies like HUL wouldn’t be ranked among top 10 innovative entities of the world. It all depends on the marketer to build castles out of ash.

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