Harsh V Verma,  Professor at FMS, University of Delhi, Delhi- 110007. Professionaly I teach to ‘earn bread’ but my ‘butter’ comes from learning. Marketing is a fluid discipline which throws up new patterns everyday. It is interesting to be an observer to such a phenomenon and study patterns.

Here at MarketingCrow I wish to share my take on two types of  issues: first the issues which are taken for granted and hence not paid adequate attention to but are fundamental to understanding marketing. Second the issues related to marketing practices and strategies of companies in the present day environment.

Come onboard.



29 thoughts on “About

  1. Again the same fantastic learning experience,this time its e-learning,though thoughts and knowledge are still the “Harsh Verma” brand….thank you so much sir,for this Platform…of learning!

  2. “Taking an interest in what others are thinking and doing is often a much more powerful form of encouragement than praise……….”
    a great step sir…..now we have a place to know your views on marketing and allied issues.

  3. Sir,
    I have no more connections with marketing as I have joined HR line, but still curious to go through all your blogs as they are interesting and unique….

    Thank you Sir, I feel privileged with this new learning..

  4. Respected Sir
    it is an immense delight always to read your thoughts..reading the words appear as if you are delivering lecture right in front, such is your fluency of thoughts and power of relating.Today i had to deliver my first ever lecture on Brand management and I had your register to take reference from and book written bu you.
    thanks for your inputs in a fabulous way and starting this blog.

  5. Sir,
    this is sachin sharma i m still waiting n curious to attend ur first class n thts why tried to search u on net n thts how i found ur blog .i read few articles n come to kno tht i can learn a lot through these articles .thnx for guiding ur students n keeping them in touch with emerging issues in marketing .i wanna learn so many things from you sir .

  6. What is more Important knowledge or style ..?? Well in ur teachings sir , both are superlative !!
    Your ,each and every class has been an experience in itself…they have been like “Standardisation of Bespoke experience”…every time there is a New eperience and this “new experience” has become an unsurpassable Standard now….!! Your views on Brand Anna are indeed remarkable and thought provoking…

  7. I have known about your blog for last few months but could not actually follow it because I was not able to devote time. I think I will now keep following your blog, it is definitely interesting and informative.

  8. Hello Sir,
    In your first class, after 5 minutes, my mind was making plans to quit GBO and give CAT next year and then join FMS because the mere thought of just 2 classes with you was SCARY to say the least. I was going to ask you(at the end of last class) if you write any blog or something but didn’t.. But then second result on google search of your name brought me to marketing crow.. Thank you very much for writing this blog Sir.. And you must have heard it so many times already, I am just saying it again.. “We loved your classes..” Thank you very much Sir!


  9. HI Sir,

    I am an avid reader of your blog. May I please have your email ID so I can contact you sometime. I would love to discuss and learn different topics with/from you.


  10. Sir,

    Nice to read your blogs and the thought provoking topics.
    Request if the comments can be in reverse order of chronology – that would have more relevance & currency of the discussion.


    GRN Reddy

  11. Sir

    I am a regular reader of your blog. Thanks to your posts I have really become passionate about marketing. As a result I would like to pursue a career in this field. I am a B com (H) graduate with 3rd division. Considering my result, can you please suggest me courses and institutes that can provide me with a footing in this field.


    Rahat Chhabra

  12. Sir, Good Morning, your blog is a worth reading one for teachers in marketing too as it provides a learning as well as a paradigm of thinking beyond boundaries which leads to development of me as a learner whose job is to teach students. Yes like you I teach for bread but the butter comes from learning.This is beautifully said and I admire you as a teacher. Blessed to have you as a role model.

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